"Maya" Hand Painted 4/4 Cello Created for the Piano guys

Jungle Book Sarabande Video 


For this Wonder The Piano Guys wanted to stay true to this tradition while simultaneously nailing “jungle harmony,” as a famous cartoon bear once coined in…Disney’s Jungle Book! The challenge — to effectively blend the cacophony of Disney Jazz, classical music, Mayan heritage, all while making it epic enough to be filmed in front of a massively-historic, world-renowned stone temple, Chichén Itzá.


Steven Sharp Nelson first contacted me to design the cello for the video and I was so excited to be given the opportunity to design this for him to play.  The design was the first using a more tonal color palette and elements, to bring the "Mayan" carving theme to life.  When I saw the video for the first time, I was blown away by the music, and in seeing my piece brought to life.  It was an amazing project and I am so proud to have my work featured in this amazing music video by The Piano Guys.


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Hand Painted Cellos

 Steve is playing the most recent addition to his cello family, “Maya,” hand painted in Mayan hieroglyphic style by Juleez (Julie Borden) just for this video. Her uniquely creative masterpieces are only matched by her equally vibrant spirit and enthusiasm for musically influenced art.  Thank you, Julie​


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